The Alfred Jewel (shown in the picture – top left) was found at North Petherton in 1693, it belonged to King Alfred. Made of different precious stones/metals it makes a stunning whole. The local churches felt this reflected them: united and yet distinct. Hence The Alfred Jewel Benefice.

The Alfred Jewel Benefice is made up of:

    • St Mary’s Church, North Petherton is open everyday from at least 9-4.
    • St Peter’s and St Michael Church, North Newton open everyday
    • St Peter’s and St John, Northmoor Green (Moorland) open everyday from at least 8-4
    • St Giles, Thurloxton is open every day                                                         
    • St John the Baptist, Durston

Our church buildings provide sacred space for the local communities – a haven for peace and prayer in an often difficult and demanding world. But church is more than buildings,it is also the people

The Christian community here is living and active and behind the faces of all those you see is the face of Jesus Christ whom we worship.

Jesus is God’s face, turned towards the world.  Those who saw him in the flesh saw love in that face, love which enveloped them even when – perhaps especially when – their life left them feeling unwanted and unloved.   We call ourselves Christians because we have come to know that face and its importance in our lives. We know that face of love in our worship, in the pages of the Bible, in our receiving of Holy Communion, and in each other.   The face of Jesus Christ, God’s face of love, turned towards the world, is something we know through our life in the Church, through our fellow-believers, and through all that we do together to honour God and learn God’s way of love

Whatever your background, situation or age you are assured of a warm, friendly welcome from these communities of people who have discovered the reality of a loving God who gives meaning to our lives. We pray that, whatever your background, situation or age you will experience, with us, God’s love and peace.