21st September is the International Day of Peace

Statement from the United Nations

‘Each year, on 21 September, the United Nations calls on everyone, everywhere, to observe 24 hours of non-violence and ceasefire.  Today it is essential to remember that our common enemy is a virus that causes widespread suffering and risks reversing decades of human progress.  That is why, with COVID-19 pandemic I call on all warring parties to lay down their weapons. These are not normal times, and our responses cannot be routine. The pandemic is not just a health issue. It is having direct and troubling effects on development, peace and security. Our global ceasefire appeal is resonating in many places and with many different groups. While distrust can make implementation difficult, I have been heartened by the strong support the appeal has received from civil society, which can influence and mobilize people at the grassroots.”

A Prayer for Bishop Peter.

Please continue to pray for Bishop Peter, his wife Jane and their family. Pray too for Bishop Ruth and the Archdeacons and others who will seek to lead the diocese during Bishop Peter’s absence.  Here is a prayer you can use:

O Lord, you are our strength and our shield. 

Your love sustains us through all the challenges we face. 

We place into your hands all who are facing challenges, in this time of such uncertainty. 

We hold before you all who are dear to us. 

Particularly we pray for our Bishop, Peter, 

His family and friends and all who love him, 

As they face these coming months. 

May they know your strength and protection, 

Your healing and your love, 

In the name of Jesus, 

And in the power of the Holy Spirit,