Thought for the Week: With Lent taking place in the ongoing pandemic, in which we have already given so much up, this poem by Madeleine L’Engle, ‘For Lent, 1966” may resonate. 
It is my Lent to break my Lent,
To eat when I would fast,
To know when slender strength is spent,
Take shelter from the blast
When I would run with wind and rain,
To sleep when I would watch.
It is my Lent to smile at pain
But not ignore its touch.
It is my Lent to listen well
When I would be alone,
To talk when I would rather dwell
In silence, turn from none
Who call on me, to try to see
That what is truly meant
Is not my choice. If Christ’s I’d be
It’s thus I’ll keep my Lent.

A Prayer for Bishop Peter.

Please continue to pray for Bishop Peter, his wife Jane and their family. Pray too for Bishop Ruth and the Archdeacons and others who will seek to lead the diocese during Bishop Peter’s absence.  Here is a prayer you can use:

O Lord, you are our strength and our shield. 

Your love sustains us through all the challenges we face. 

We place into your hands all who are facing challenges, in this time of such uncertainty. 

We hold before you all who are dear to us. 

Particularly we pray for our Bishop, Peter, 

His family and friends and all who love him, 

As they face these coming months. 

May they know your strength and protection, 

Your healing and your love, 

In the name of Jesus, 

And in the power of the Holy Spirit,